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We are sold out of Whitman Bookshelf Albums & Folders, but have a limited supply of Coin Casings Imported from England. To order or inquire please contact Terry at We accept traditional payment methods or on-line payments by PayPal. A link to our Book List is at the bottom of the page.

Imported English Custom Casings

Safe clear hard plastic outer casing with imprinted insert. Allows viewing of both sides of the coins.

Just $1.95 each -- 10 for $19. Sells in the UK for $3 to $5 each.

Available for the following coins & sets:

#41 Farthings: Edward VII 1902-1910
#42 Farthings: George VI 1937-1952
#43 Farthings: Elizabeth II 1953-1956
#44 Halfpennies: Elizabeth II 1953-1967
#45 Halfpennies: Plain No Printing 14 openings
#45a Halfpennies: Decimal Halfpennies 1971-1984
#46a Pennies: Elizabeth II 1953-1967
#50 Brass Threepence George VI 1937-1952
#51 Brass Threepence Elizabeth II 1953-1967
#52 Sixpence Elizabeth II 1953-1967
#59 Florins Elizabeth II 1961-1967
#62 Halfcrowns Elizabeth II 1961-1967

Y65 Casing for 1965 Coins, Crown thru Halfpenny, 9 openings
Y67 Casing for 1967 Coins, Halfcrown thru Halfpenny, 6 openings
LF1 Casing for Last of the Pre-Decimal Coins & First of the Decimal Coins, 11 openings
J66 Casing for Bailiwick of Jersey 1066-1966 Coins, Holds Crown, Brass Threepence & Penny

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Air-Tite Coin Capsules ~ The ATHI System of Coin Protection & Housing

We stock a full line of ATHI Capsules from 10 to 42 millimeter diameters. We can custom fit from the tiniest Maundy Silver Pennies (takes 11 mm size capsule) to the largest USA Silver Eagle Dollars (takes 40 mm size) and more. Just let us know what coins you want to fit & we'll determine the right size holder for you. Air-Tite Holders are made of clear safe hard plastic round outer capsules with a safe inert (won't react with the coin) inner ring that holds any size coin safely in place. Just $1.00 per capsule, less in quantity. Albums to hold encapsulated coins also available. Please write for further details.

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To order or inquire please contact Terry at
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